About Me

My name is Peter Ko and I am a pastor in Sydney who longs to see revival in my generation to the glory of God.

I’ve been married to my beautiful and godly wife Karen since 2000. We have four gorgeous kids: Emily, Andrew, Bethany and Ethan. More about the Ko family and me can be found on our family blog Journey Mercies.

The church I’ve been serving at since 2005 is the Chinese Christian Church Milson’s Point. Since February 2009 I’ve been one of the planting pastors with a new ministry in the south-west of Sydney in Kingsgrove: South-West Chinese Christian Church. We long to see the Lord Jesus indeed be the Lord of the thousands who are moving into the area every year who come from other shores – especially those from China.


I have a passion for preaching, and have been praying that as a pastor I would see the body of Christ in the local churches I shepherd grow in maturity as a wide variety of spiritual gifts are operated in love and humility and power.

I am the founding director of RICE Regenerate and long that God, through this arm of the RICE movement, would see a generation of young adults pursue Him with abandonment, passion, joy, and perseverance.

  1. Pastor Ko,
    Thank you for your posting on “John Wesley on Money”, it was very encouraging & challenging.







    ” the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end ” Deuteronomy 11:12

    Rev. P. EPHRAIM


    Dear brother in Christ

    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Let me introduce myself that my name is P. EPHRAIM, from India. We have established the society in the year 1997 with the help of some faithful Christians. We established this society only because that we can proclaim the spirit of God in our areas some of our teams have been distributing the Bible free tracts and booklets in the particular centers, Hospitals, Educational centers and some remote villages. We also distribute them for the Pastors and Evangelists.

    Through this process we are able to cover our Mandal nearly 15 villages. Pastors and Evangelists of different areas also getting free tracts and booklets from us. And they good understand about Bible through this literature. It has become a burden for us to continue this program. If I got generous hand of yours. I will be able to succeed in this program.

    By the grace of God, we run a Christian lending library in my area. So many people are come and search the spiritual books and read and known the real God of Jesus. Here, my position is not good, because of no sufficient spiritual literature. Many people are disappointed of short of literature.

    So, brother please consider my request and pray for my spiritual need of my people and send some of your publications and Gospel Tracts to me. We pray for you and your families and also your ministries.

    Pls Prayer for our Need‘s: – Brother, if you possible please provide here in my area, Your Gospel messages are relay to free media. Here so many free media channels are broadcast some business, Films and etc, but there is no our Gospel messages free Media in my state (Andhra Pradesh). So, brother, please consider my request and provide your material and support to start the Gospel Messages free Media (FM)Free Media; here so many people are used free media sets, audio.

    We request you please kindly consider my request and support my above media center in my state . we pray for you and your family and also your ministry .

    See Our Web Site : – http://www.soul2soulministriesindia.co.cc

    [1] Church ministry [2] women s ministry.[3] youth ministry

    [4]children s ministry[5] House visiting ministry [6] tracks ministry

    [7] Bible distribution ministry [8] street gospel ministry [9] hospital ministry

    Please pray for us as we pray for you. We shall await for your further the most valuable and prayerful response at an earliest with good anticipation and fervent hope.

    We pray for you and your Family and also your ministry in my Regular prayers.

    Yours in His service forever

    Rev . P. Ephraim

  3. That is really attention-grabbing, You’re an excessively professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for searching for more of your fantastic post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks

  4. You should write a book

  5. Philip Bartolome

    Hi Peter. I’ve been a graduate from a Baptist seminary and had become a pastor. But I left church over 7 yrs. ago because of a particular event that caused me so much disappointment. Since then, sin gradually reigned over my life but still there’s a longing within me to go back to the Lord. Things in my life has become so complicated now that people in churches don’t really welcome me. My spiritual life is very weak that I feel I cant do this alone. My email is phrox_028@yahoo.com. I hope I can start communicating with somebody. Thanks

  6. Hi Pastor John, I am unaware why I could not leave comments for your blog about:

    Well I just leave it here then. Firstly you message sends a sober reminder to all those who thinks they are above their flesh. The youths a.k.a. Benjamin generation will gladly take on a debate with the baby boomers because they just could see beyond what they don’t comprehend and what they have yet to experience. Should that be their fault then?

    A while ago, I left this message on my facebook status bar,

    Humans always wonder why we are here… perhaps this is an over-simplified notion to some people, it is to enjoy happiness. Happiness itself embodies selflessness, compassion, elation and graciousness. I think there are more to that. Importantly, these qualities in human can only be found or felt by creating happiness for someone or something. Seeking for self-gratification is easy and popular because nobody gets rejected in this pursuit. However to create happiness for someone or something runs the real risks of being turned down. So when it comes to doing what is right and what is easy, humans will almost at every instance take the easy way(s). That moment of convenience will repeat itself countless times in our lives. It will gradually condition human to take the easy way(s) and distant themselves from what is right. Some people are so well conditioned towards doing only the easy things, their abilities to do right are totally buried. Going back to happiness, or true happiness, it takes risks to create happiness for others in return to feel happy for ourselves. Most people backed down because there will always be a chance to be rejected. Over the course of time, these people became hardened or dead to happiness. So would you do what is easy or what is right?

    I thought this may address the Benjamin generation’s rebel without a cause attitude. A poet needs the pain, a musician needs to sing and a youth needs to experience.

    So for two christian of opposite gender to go on a holiday together is indeed exposing themselves to full-on temptation. They just don’t understand the power of their flesh can have over their thoughts… yet. Some will end up getting burn and some will survive to recommend ways to stay above temptations. Whatever works… but these are still man’s works so they will eventually doom to failure as indicated in the past. The best of the best David failed, the wisest among us Solomon succumbed to something so fundamentally simple. We didn’t become sinners because we sin in our lives. We are sinners to begin with, and we continue to sin because we have gained knowledge of good and evil, a.k.a. self-righteousness, represented by the fig leave used to cover Adam.

    In Exodus 28:38, “It shall be on Aaron’s forehead, and Aaron shall bear any guilt from the holy things that people of Israel consecrate as their holy gifts. It shall regularly be on his forehead, that they may accepted before the LORD.”

    So what is my points?
    1. They are going to do it one way or the other.
    2. While I don’t support it, I would not openly disapprove it because of point 1.
    3. Let them know that God loves them regardless
    4. Even when they are embroiled in sins, tell them no to forget that they (Christians) are still the righteousness of God and that will not change.
    5. Use the love blessed by God to challenge their flesh and desires.
    6. If all else fails, tell them to bring enough protection.

    God blesses!

  7. Hi Ps. Peter.
    Great article on unmarried Christian couples going on holiday together. Personally I think WE need to go deeper in dealing with this issue, otherwise it would come out as some cultural-Christianity rather than a Biblical Christianity. Need to get to the bottom of this issue, also the one on relationship boundaries (single girls going out with married man as ‘friends.’), is another growing practice.
    Would like to interact and discuss further (as and when you are free).
    Blessings bro.

  8. Your topics seems interesting….i found the whole bible rounds up to fearing God, acknowledging he is the creator and obedience, unlike the children of israel who always forgot about the creator God and get punished…how did they forgot about their God? The only word in the bible that always remind us about our disobedience..Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy..not any another day…Ezekiel 20:20….it is a sign between you and me that i am your creator God….he never asked us to worship him on Sunday worship…but what right do man have to change his day? Not even a dot shall we alter…says revelation…and in John …Jesus says….if you love me, keep my commandment….all my commandment…not 9….Remember the one that everyone forget…the only word that keep on reminding us…REMEMBER…it is not hard at all to be all obedient and obey all Gods instructions if we love God..the jews can…Daniel can….it is a delight…happy studying…

  9. Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ’s affection,
    Greetings you in the precious Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Please
    pardon me for taking liberty to introducing myself If to your
    benevolent presence.
    This is pastor John Namavarapu. Likhitapudi Village, Saripalli Post,
    Narsapur Town, West Godavari District A.P. State, S.India. Our Church
    situated in Likhithapudi Village. Among Idol worship communities. We
    named our Church, SEA COAST GOSPEL MINISTRY. Our’s is voluntary
    service. 70 pastors were working under our ministry and individually
    performing Gospel Service.
    Our Service performing regions are all River and Sea Coast areas.
    Dwellers are 75% heathen and Idol worshippers. Many of them earn
    their daily bread through various labour works including fishing work.
    (Fishermen). Among them our gospel preachings were going on.
    Many people very anxiously receiving our teachings and who ever deeply
    inspired and coming in and taking Baptism. We are exciting
    towards our doing work and for the favourable consequents.
    Many of our pastors going by walk, village to village and preaching
    the good news of God’s kingdom. Because due to poor state of living
    and lack of any support they are not being suppose to deserve a own
    Livelihood of all of us (Pastors) depend upon the subscriptions of
    Gospel work. Very often cyclones occurs in Bay of Bengal. Eventually
    continuous rainfall, floods, devastations of corn fields and Fish and
    prawn tanks. At this Natures hits Labour detain at home and starve
    for food with families.
    When the subscribers in catastrophe how can they offer subscript to
    the gospel worker, and how will be the living state of pastor, you may
    please imagine. We too some times confronting hungry circumstances in
    More over Destitute widows were in our Church. They were converted
    into Christian faith. At this old age they can’t labour for daily
    bread. They need at least one time bread per day until receive the
    call from Lord.
    In addition to that, during Gospel campaigns we are noticing orphan
    children while roaming with half necked wearings without proper care
    and literacy and nourishment. On Identifying such children our
    hearts were breaking in grief. But what can we do how can we sustain
    for them? Except pray our Lord to show them a way of future life. If
    possible, we are impressing together all of them at one place and
    provide their needs and take care to lead them towards education,
    Devotion and discipline for their future.
    I request your Devine and spiritual prayers support viewing our
    pastors monthly help, or bicycles, much more financial assist for
    Destitute widows 15 in number and an orphan home for 24 children
    comprising boys and girls.
    By God’s grace, if God touch any ones benevolent heart, I am requeting
    them to please support financially also as possible as you can by
    selecting any one project of the above.
    Our prayers too sending God burdenly to open His treasures, through
    any of His blessed children to support the above needs.
    Thanking you in Jesus Loving Name.
    Yours in His Service,
    (Pastor N. John)

  10. I see you have both eyes, I suspect you have both hands. You should practice what you preach cause you have sined ask the lord for direction cause from your advice their should be more one eyed one handed toungless people. Plese for give me lord.

  11. Peter, I just read your “Why I Won’t Date You (an imaginary letter to a non-Christian)” blog and I have a question you did not specifically cover. What about a 63 year old couple where neither is capable of conceiving children (menopause for one, vascectomy for the other). We have been dating and in a sexual relationship for 4 years and essentially live together every weekend. Unfortunately, she refuses to marry me because I am not a Christian. I was baptised as an infant and took confirmation at age 12. I spent 18 years going to church 3 times a week and another 10 years as an adult. My grown daughter has her Masters in Divinity from Duke and is a Youth Minister. Nonetheless, I am not a Christian. I do not believe. Period. – It bewilders me how two old farts who are incapable of having children; who want nothing more than to be there for each other; to love one another; to comfort one another in bad times; and to celebrate with one another in good times can be considered evil, but that is exactly where her stance on marriage based on guidance from the church seems to leave us.

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