Sermon Illustrations Aid

When I was doing a ministry apprenticeship, my trainer advised me to get a filing cabinet organised in terms of books of the Bible and topics that are relevant to preaching. Whenever I came across an article or an idea that would vaguely serve as an illustration, I would then file it in the relevant section. In time, I would have a heap of potential sermon illustrations just waiting in folders for me to appropriate when the time came.

It was a great idea, and I certainly filled many folders worth of clippings and articles and ideas. However I must admit that over the years I haven’t gone back into those files very often. I now have a big filing cabinet that I very rarely use.

Fast forward 15 years and now I collect my illustrations in a different way: a much simpler and technologically-aided way. I use Evernote, which is just a superb app for so many things. But for sermon illustrations, whether it’s an article, a blog, a video, a picture, a site… whatever, I simply clip it and store it in my Evernote account, which is automatically synced to my desktop and devices. The clipping function is an add-on that I downloaded to go directly on to my browser (I use Chrome). Whenever I come across something, I simply click the icon and it clips the page I’m on and stores it into my Evernote folder titled ‘Illustrations’. I then tag it with the relevant words to enable searching when the time comes.

So that’s me. I wonder, what do you use to collect sermon illustrations?


About Pete

I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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  1. hey pete,

    great minds think alike…

    my physical files were never effective.

    so i tag them with evernote as well!


  2. Never liked Evernote – but good idea. Thanks for sharing, maybe I’ll give it another look now.

  3. I’ve been using evernote to kick start my illustrations and bible journalling for a few months now 🙂

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