Roadblocks to Discernment

Have you ever found it difficult to discern the truth of a matter, especially when it’s a biblical or theological issue that tends to polarise people? Well I frequently find that to be the case.

Here are some quick thoughts on what sort of things get get in the way of me actually properly weighing up and discerning the truth of a matter. These are some of the common roadblocks to discernment that I suffer from:

  1. Assume that everyone else is biased except you.
  2. Don’t actually read the arguments of an opposing view but only as they are represented by those with whom you agree.
  3. Take the opposing view to its most extreme and unhelpful logical conclusion and dismiss it on the basis of that.
  4. Find caricatured examples of people who hold the opposing view and reject that.
  5. Take on the weakest arguments and knock down those ones while ignoring the significant (and often more recent) contributions to the debate.
  6. Get your information from the blogosphere and assume that if it’s blogged about or in Wikipedia, it must be true.

And in light of the last point, maybe you should stop reading this.


About Pete

I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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