Jealous of Another’s Ministry?

Admit it: you get jealous of other people’s ministries. I know I do. Whether it’s the mega-church pastor from another country, or that local church pastor from down the street, or that other youth group that’s bigger and cooler, or that well-resourced church with the ‘to-die-for’ ministry or music team, the fact of the matter is that we get jealous. We all do – whether you’re in full-time ministry, a Bible College student, a youth leader, or just a church attendee, we often find ourselves looking at other ministries with green-eyes.

And yet we all know that getting jealous of other ministries is at its root so wrong, so small-minded, so selfish. Why? It’s ‘coz we know we’re in it for God’s Kingdom, not for ours. Does it matter if the church down the road is bigger, better, more influential if God’s Kingdom is advancing?

Ministerial jealousy is damaging not just because it’s sinful and worldly. It’s also damaging because so often out of our own spirit of jealousy we will say things, do things, harbour things that directly damage the churches/ministries we’re jealous of. When that high profile church leader (of whom we’re all secretly jealous) says or does something, just watch how quickly the guns start pointing at him. It happens. You’ve done it, I’ve done it. Suddenly they’re not our brother/sister any more, they’re ‘competition’; and rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt, our bitter and jealous hearts lead us to gossip, speak, preach, blog, facebook and twitter some very very unkind things.

I write this not as someone who’s figured it all out. As I said, I get jealous, envious, bitter, competitive too.

So let me share with you how I’ve been challenged by God to respond. Firstly, I ask the Holy Spirit to lay my heart bare and expose anything that is remotely driven by jealousy. Next I confess it to God, ask for his forgiveness and repent of it. Then I confess it to someone else. If I know the person of whom I’m jealous I confess it to them. I at least confess it to my closest friend, my wife.

But then last of all and perhaps most rewarding of all, I deliberately find ways of blessing the person/church/ministry I’m jealous of. I go out of my way to pray for God’s blessing on them – that they would exceed even their own expectations, that they would ‘succeed’ even at the expense of my own ministry. And I also find opportunities to speak well of their ministries, speak blessing to their ministries and about their ministries. I will seek to be their biggest fan – and sincerely so, not just putting on a farce.

I’ve found that last step particularly humbling and helpful. It’s amazing what God will do in helping you combat your spirit of jealousy when you take that step as a part of your repentance to honour and bless rather than tear down and destroy.

So, who do you need to start blessing today?


About Pete

I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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  1. Thank you Pete!

    “a word in season, how good it is!” – Prov 15:23

  2. Hey peter. thanks for that. Can totally identify with you on this matter.

    one thing I do when I start getting jealous of others is to pray a simple prayer

    “Lord, make me A loser in the eyes of the world that I might be successful in your eyes.”

    thanks again.

  3. Yup reminds me where its like leaders are the first to feed, last to get fed. And vice versa for the lay folk.

    Though there does need to be some relaxation of the lines between unofficial and official ministry sometimes and a greater role of a five fold ministry.. and thats probably why theres such a large demarcation line between pastors/teachers and “the others”.

    I’ve come to realise that a more important prayer would be “show me how u see me, that I may love myself, as I would have a greater capacity to love my own wife, or the Bride (eph 5); and make me like David or Joseph, that I may be able to have a capacity for success in the world or in my ministry,… ONLY so that I may have a voice to speak out for You whom I give thanks to in so doing..”

  4. Philip Blume

    So its OK then that God could ignore our own hearts desires and give it all to another?? Too much passive BS here. Nobody should be a doormat or a mug to make others look big!!

  5. Our christian movie is totally rejected by pastors. Jealousy is the reason. We don’t even charge for it. What’s bad is that they have their ministry but won’t allow others to have theirs.,sad. Don’t see that changing anytime soon.
    I preached Holy Spirit revivals years ago only to have the pastors get envious and never have me back. They are King of their little mountain you see.
    So the folks lose out. The clerical position is not of God. That’s a division. Title wearing Jesus condemned. This causes arrogance. Someone comes along with a true anointed humbled ministry and any humility that might still be their on the part of the exalted leader is the first casualty. Jealousy strikes deep.
    Only ministries that are not anointed and backed by God are welcome. I’ve seen this for forty years and I know what I’m talking about. That’s why the church today is deader than dirt.
    He has left the building except for occasional visits to wake someone up to this scourge, to this dysfunctional,condition.

  6. I’ve seen it happen many times. At one time, the pastor at the
    church I attended criticized his younger brothers
    outreach to the community and would not endorse it.
    It went on to be used not only in this area
    but around the U.S. to reach people for Christ.
    Another time the worship leader who loves God and has
    a lovely family was dismissed without any reason
    and never explained by the pastor, who I always felt
    was jealous of him. I’ve seen it with my
    own eyes….anyone he felt could possibly get more
    popular than him was released or dismissed from service
    at the church. So sad!!
    Everyone groping their way to be at the top, when Jesus says
    we should do nothing out of vain conceit. Years ago my prayer
    partner and I felt the Lord saying there was coming a time when
    many of God’s people would fall for the lure of popularity over
    desiring to have a heart after God. My friend has since died but
    she would be hurt to see that this is happening now in many
    churches in America. We are all human but we can’t use that
    as an excuse to walk in pride thinking we are better than others
    or that we deserve to be number one. If we struggle with insecurity
    it’s our responsibility to go to God with that and fight the good
    fight until the battle is won. Leaders are hurting people and
    wounding many because they feel threatened by others that
    might somehow get ahead of them spiritually. Ministries are
    derailed because the leader “does not approve” and won’t
    give his stamp of approval.

  7. I have to sum total, I struggle in this area. I’m going to be completely transperant here. I’ve always felt even as a child, I was supposed to do big things for God. I made alot of mistakes sling the way. It’s by the grace of God I am where I amam. But yes, when I look at Brian head Welch, I think fuck your ministry, fuck all the great things your doing, fuck your music and fuck your beautiful dreadlocks! I don’t want to sound like I’m not thankful, I’m very blessed. I should be dead right now but God has blessed me angiven me lifelife. And I pray I get there. But it’s hardhard, wanting to do so much, thinking about how others mess up too but they’re so much further. God forgive me.

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