What’s More Dangerous?

What’s more dangerous…

1. A charismaniac who prefaces falsehood with ‘Thus says the Lord’ ?


2. A fundamentalist who prefaces falsehood with ‘Thus says the Scriptures’ ?


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I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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  1. I’d probably go with the pentecostal. It’s much easier to prove the fundamentalist wrong. Whereas the pentecostal is basing his authority on something that can’t be challenged.

  2. a bit splitting hairs bro.
    my 1st reaction is, “There’s no difference”
    however for the fun of the exercise 🙂
    I would say #2.
    My reasoning:
    With the Pentecostal option, it’s much harder to verify, so might be less accepted.
    Whereas with the Fundamentalist option, they can (usually out of context etc) cite actual verses so it looks more convincing and therefore more likely to be received by ignorant or unlearned babes in Christ.

    e.g. on a light note: “thus says the scriptures… women should not wear trousers because Deut 22:5 says a woman shouldn’t wear a man’s garment”
    Looks good, sounds convincing huh?

    Of course it’s usually used in much more serious errors for advocating extreme legalism in the name of “obedience” or “holiness”.

  3. c.f. Satan’s use of scripture when tempting Christ…

  4. hmmm. A choice between the anabaptist and the fundy baptist?

    I’m not big on people creating new words for God and I’m not big on people distorting God’s words, so I’ll say both.

    Do I win a prize for getting the answer right?

  5. The charismaniac every time. They have a mixed platform of authority and can pick and choose how the “Lord saith” to them. If their point is shown not to be from the Sciptures they can and will claim its authority from somewhere else.

    Yet another reason to stick with what the BIble says, preach what the Bible says and listen only to what the BIble says.
    Passion never trumps truth.

  6. False teaching and false doctrine is dangerous.

    Preaching anything apart from the truth of Jesus – is dangerous.

    I do believe, we, as the church of Jesus Christ on earth, needs to be standing united as one – rather than be divided, so that we are able to ‘fight the good fight’ in faith and with a good conscience.

    These are the last days – and I imagine in Heaven, where we as believers of Jesus will be, there will no longer be debates between ‘ charismanics vs. fundamentalist’ as neither of these terms seems helpful…. but rather, we should all be gathered as ONE people under Christ.

    Bless u. x

  7. It depends who he’s talking to.

  8. That’s a real stirrer question – it almost sounds rhetorical 😉

    I think if you’re a fundamentalist, then you’d probably be suspicious of any person (charismatic or otherwise) who prefaces a statement with ‘thus says the Lord’. Unless, of course, they are directly quoting Scripture.

    But falsehood sucks regardless of it’s source.

    Good thing God lives inside of us to sort all this stuff out, I’m just not sure where that is in my Bible…

  9. Hahaha… this was funny.. it’s been so long since I’ve read this blog. But this blog was most amusing.. (I can’t help myself hahaha..)

    In the end, when is it about who is more wrong or right, when the absolute reality is.. we’re ALL going to get it wrong, and we’re all WRONG? hahaha.. God, I love teachers who love getting things all right. 🙂 …truth can be such a trap if it is not a person… (just read how Adam or Jesus got tempted – by Scripture!!)..

    hmm…. just for fun.. to balance things out from a lot of one-sided views..

    You can’t exercise the same broad analysis to as to what a “charismatic” theological / doctrinal view is, just as you would a Roman Catholic one, where it’s just plain straight forward – as there are varying and different streams of theological views even within the pentecostal / charismatic church, just as there are in the more conservative evangelical church (e.g. debates in the 70s/80s regarding predestination, now regarding the Holy Spirit).

    God never changes (that’s where He is defined in doctrine). We change.. and our evolve in our views (or theology) of what Scripture is.

    Just to contrast a little in the above comment re: charismaniacs / fundamentalists (i’m assuming means evangelical fundamentalist)..

    Scripture ends with in Rev 22 declaring that:
    “if anyone adds to the prophecy in this book.. God will add to him the plagues described in this book..” (Rev 22:18)

    This is often this is used by more conservative Christians to bag out the Scriptural errors by pentecostal / charismatic Christians (“charismaniacs”), which have only in the past 2 decades really found a degree of depth and maturity of Scripture, and threading their “experiences” through that..

    BUT additionally in the SAME stretch of Scripture, it does suggest that ” if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. ” (Rev 22:19)

    This is something that often pentecostal / charismatic Christians rally against more conservative ones – that they are deferring the reality of “hope” of Jesus till later, when they don’t need it (Prov 13:12), and hence they aren’t living out the “Full Scripture”..

    There’s a balance, and the balance is in honour in unity and a disengagement with condescension and “emotional” condemnation of each other.. because again, you can’t depend on a unique individual’s view, or a small church’s view.. it’s big C church – we all believe in Scriptural truth – the truth being a person – in Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit..

    Oh well, enough at this late time of the night.. haha.. tata..

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