Australia’s last revival

This year marks the 50th year of Billy Graham’s 1959 Crusade in Australia. According to historian Dr. Stuart Piggin, this is as close to ‘revival’ as Sydney has gotten in the last century. Read his article here courtesy of

It’s incredible when you think about what God did for Sydney Australia in the last five decades through that revival. Foundations were laid for the kind of ministries and ministers (both paid and lay) that we are still beneficiaries of 50 years later. One of those converted was Bruce Ballantine-Jones. Have a look at his testimony (again courtesy of

I guess for me this just creates even more hunger for God to do a work of revival in my generation. As Bill Johnson says, ‘I don’t need God to do it through me, I just wanna be around when it happens!’

Iain Murray’s book Pentecost Today has helpfully highlighted how revival is not something that we can control or manipulate, but only something that God, by a special outpouring of his Spirit at certain times, can bring about. However, one thing that often precedes revival is God stirring up people to hunger for it, long for it and most of all, to pray for it. 

So I guess the question is: What are we waiting for? Will you join me in praying for revival to hit our city, in our generation, 50 years later?


About Pete

I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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  1. Amen Pete! Revival for this city! =)

  2. Pete – found this blog really encouraging mate and has caused me to pray. Lets hope we are both around if revival breaks out! Love ya mate

  3. amen!

    my mate has set up a blog that encourages prayer for revival:

    check it.


  4. glad to come across your blog on this topic, we’ve been praying for it here in the West. Regarding what precedes revival, I agree to what you mentioned, but I would put it this way (or add to what was mentioned) – apart from praying, hunger for God etc, there needs to be repentance


  5. hey guys, i am from Mellbourne, A lot of us are longing for this down here too, I am in a small group that is passionate about evangelism and we do street outreach but it is a drop in the ocean, Australia needs Jesus big time. i have been praying about it , I believe God is showing me A) the church/churches need to Unite together in prayer B) and humble ourselves to Him.. I know not every Christian isn’t going to get involved but if groups from every church all pray fervently and united in purpose then God will move.
    My vision is that if churches are in contact with each other and are on board to support revival then we can plan something Big..and everyone will get behind the vision. and we could promote it enough to create awareness and promote it into the broader community.

    Every church needs to have this as part of their agenda, to promote regular prayer times and meetings with this goal and focus and have an appointed person to keep in touch with other groups. With the internet it SHould be easier than ever before,. We need Gods Vision
    on the HOW but this is the beginning.Problem is that so many churches hardly preach the Gospel any more.

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