Just read C.J. Mahaney’s excellent little book Humility: True Greatness. Had heard about it for a little while but never got around to reading it until a friend lent it to me. It’s a little gem – short an sweet, and can be finished within a couple of hours in one sitting.

What I love about it is that it’s super practical. Half of the book is taken up with giving you tips on how to begin, journey and end your day fighting pride and pursuing humility.

One thing that particularly spoke to me was the chapter on ‘Inviting and Pursuing Correction’. I think my pride really rears its ugly head when I think about how very reluctant I am to hear criticism and correction. Don’t get me wrong, I do hear it… lots of it sometimes, but I don’t pursue godly correction. In fact, I don’t even pursue godly advice. I’ve been very impressed and challenged by my good mate Steve Chong in recent times. It seems to me that one of his best qualities is that he seeks out advice before he goes and does something. Me? I tend to be self-reliant (i.e. proud) and just jump straight into something.

Now that I’ve become aware of it as a matter of pride, it is something that, with God’s grace, I need to begin pursuing. 


About Pete

I am a child of God, a husband, a father of four children, a pastor, and a church planter. I live in Sydney Australia and live to see Jesus made famous in this city and be the only God people worship.

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  1. hey Pete,
    I’m in the middle of reading that book – its been a great encouragement so far. i particularly thought what he said about confessing pride was really fantastic… than rather just saying i was “proud” to feel the weight of what that sin actually means and confess that with attitude and action “i was contending for supremecy with you”

    will be checking out ur blog too! but u stole my next blog post for kirkplace its going to b on this book too!!!

  2. haha Millie, please blog about it as well! this wasn’t exactly a book review you know… just one little point that I was personally challenged about. 🙂

  3. wow, tihs is cool.
    I love book reviews by people I know coz I’m more keen to read!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I realised most books I have bought and read are those recommended by friends. I am more reluctant to read books that is not LOL

    anyways, have a good day…i slept in till now..haha

  4. Sounds like a solid book Pete. Cheers for the recommendation.

    Inviting and pursuing correction; definitely not one of my strong suits! I’m with you there.

  5. I hear ya Pete.
    One of my many struggles as well.
    Might check out the book, thanks for puttin it out there.

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